Monday, June 15, 2009


Ninjas paint a face on the wall
That moves and breathes and then it falls
It jumps in the pond
And skips over rocks
And all this while I straighten my socks.

The light comes in here from two different angles
While a chorus rats sings like a big band of angels
They twitter and tweet like birds, light on their feet
And then shingle and jangle with their banners star spangled

They move to the beat of a clank in a wall
And they move in and out but they never fall
I wait and I wait for someone to call.
I answer when they do...that's all

Up the hill and down in the ally
I can blow up a bucket full of grit and grally
No one will care, or even look
But in the dark the Ninjas will cook

Up a plan to capture me jumping
In and out of bands twisting and jaunting
Ghosties sit and talk of the people they are haunting
While the 3 little queens sit around flaunting

Buzzers fill the street light lamps
And Christian kids head off to camps
To learn about God and nature and stuff
They also learn about how to pack their snuff

They dip and they snort that old word of God
They lay a foundation created from sod
They swim at the beach or fish at the lake
And you would never ever believe these people are fake

Priests and pastors and nuns and such
Are writing on hands and repairing a crutch
The only thing I have here is loving
And if that is gone all I've got left is lonely

Dylan and Peter and Matthew and Paul
Look out from around and make me feel small
They huff and they puff and they cut off my ears
It's a good thing I don't need them to hear

A fox passes by with his tail fur a-waving
A deer follows closely and shakes his horns mostly
It gave me the shivers and the Spirit just whispered
"It's a long way to go if you don't use your whiskers".

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