Thursday, June 11, 2009

Favorites #1.

Ever wonder what links are lurking around on other peoples "favorites" list? Heck, ever wonder what is lurking around on your own "favorites" list? Why is your fav. list so long? A few of my "favorites" are as follows.

-Red Square : A game where you are a red square and you have to dodge 4 odd sized blue blocks. The more you dodge them the angrier they get and they go faster. Quite fun, really.

-Battleship: It's battleship...

-Lots of guitar pedal schematics and layouts: This took me forever to find. It was like finding a priceless jewel. It would be like if you went everyday to Dahlonega, Ga. and panned for gold and came back with next to nothing for months and months and then one day you found a 20lb piece of gold mixed with rubys, emeralds and diamonds. Yup. That good.

-The Top 10 funniest and coolest PC pranks: Why would this even be in my fav? Really...If I did any of these at work on the company PC's I would probably get fired. The only other PC that I am ever around is my wife's...But maybe you are someone who wouldn't get fired for pulling some of them...let me know how that goes.

-List of keyboard shortcuts: Again, useful, but...why is it in my favorites? It is not, by any means, one of my favorite sites to go to...
*Phone rings*
Me: "Hello?"
Friend: "Hey man, what's going on?"
Me: "Nothing much. Just memorizing an exhaustive list of keyboard shortcuts for the PC."
Friend: "..."
Me: "Hello??"
Friend: *Grabs plastic bag and begins to crumple it near the phone* "What's that? Huh? I think we are breaking up..."
Me: "Hello?? Are you there?" *looks at phone and realizes call was disconnected* "Guess they were going through a bad reception spot."
*Gets back to memorizing PC keyboard shortcuts. Alone.*

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