Wednesday, June 24, 2009

.Eli The Barrow Boy.

This past weekend my nephew, Eli, spent the night at mine and my wife's house for his birthday present. I know that probably doesn't sound like a good birthday present to most but when you are 6 and the spend the night weekend consists of swimming (at a mansion), playing games, rock band, two puppies, making cupcakes, rock band, weird car wash on Hwy 42, happy meal, rock band, playing drums and guitar and singing blues songs with your uncle, finding a dollar in quarters at the weird car wash and getting to keep it, rock band, and one of the coolest aunts (Auntie Awesome is what they call my wife) it's a pretty good present. I must add that he is pretty awesome too.

Some of my favorite quotes this weekend were:

-"I fell out of the bed last night."
-"TALLULAH! I knew I smelled something weird."
-"We can go outside! It's not really raining." Shortly after the worst thunderstorm I'd ever seen in my life.
-"I'm not tired." *Yawns* *Falls asleep*.
-"Smell the sweet goodness, Uncle Joel." *On making chocolate cupcakes*
-"I want salsa and syrup with my eggs. Oh, and jelly on my biscuit."
-"Don't play that one. It cusses" -Luke Lewis, 6, on the South Park Pinball Machine.
-At 730am after I had asked him not to wake us up early on my day off: *Knock Knock* "Hey, Uncle Joel, Auntie Awesome. Do you have a shoe? There's a spider outside of your door and I need to kill it." He had 4 shoes in the living room where he was hahahah!
-"Hey Mr. Booty Pants!"
-"Hey. I didn't get a toy in my meal..." *Uncle Joel runs back into McDonald's and gets toy. Returns triumphant. "Oh yeah!"
-"This is their house?!?! It's like a hotel!"
-"Legos are more important than real people!" *Luke's reaction when he was informed that he had to stop playing Legos and play with real people* Hahahahah :) That was one of my favorites.

And the winner of all quotes was said from Eli to Luke (6 year old to 6 year old) while walking down the stairs of Luke's house (which is a mansion) to the game room that leads to the pool.

*Eli, hands in pockets and acting cool he says, very calmly and like it's no big deal to him at all*: "So, you guys have a mansion, huh?" Luke replies, "Yup." Then we went swimming and had fun.

So, the spend-the-night-party was a success! even though the night he got there I was too dumb to figure out how to get my xbox360 to sync back up with the controller (so no rock band the first night and oh how those drums were taunting him), our digital converter box broke (so no TV), and I realized that we have zero bedtime stories in our house. Thank the Good Lord for the Internet and brother-in-laws that know how to get gadgets working again. He fell asleep to a Brer Rabbit story read from a Asus laptop.

Happy Birthday Eli Jones. We love you.

*A special thank you to Farris Lewis for letting us bring our nephews to her house to play. It is like Disney World for them :) Thank you for being so kind :)


  1. Hah! That's awesome. You never know what that kid's goign to say.

  2. I know! he's so funny! "Smell the sweet goodness, Uncle Joel."

  3. I feel awesome that Luke and I made a cameo in your blog! :)
    Thanks for coming over. Luke needs real people to play with. Haha.

  4. Hahah! legos are pretty important though :) thanks again!