Wednesday, June 17, 2009

.The Rooftop.

"What could be said?" he said, "Fred."
"What could be said? He was only passing by when I saw that piano fall from the sky."

"It went aloof off the top of the roof!" a woman shouted.

"Aloof? OFF of a roof? No my dear child that is the wrong word" Mr. McQueen did pipe up and say. "What you meant to say is that it jumped off by itself."

"No, that would mean that it had legs." Mrs. Stanchold cried.

"Pianos do have legs you old hag!" McQueen shouted fiercely, "And they move about thus and yonder like you wouldn't believe!"

"I would believe it" She said with a grin.
"No you wouldn't either...It is impossible for a woman of your stature to believe anything like that."
"You are right. I wouldn't believe it" She said as she fanned her self with $100 bills.

"What could be said?" He said.
"Poor old Fred".

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