Thursday, June 25, 2009

.Body Movin', Body Movin With the A-1 Sound, Sound So Soothing.

I hear by do solemnly swear not to take my body for granted any longer. I will keep it up and not be lazy. I will make it work and remind it that it is alive and needs to work properly. I will rip my muscles to shreds and let them rebuild. I will lift 30lb weights and whimper like a little girl because it hurts so bad because I've been so lazy for so long. I will NOT forget to stretch...Lord, help me to remember to stretch.

I will run on the treadmill and NOT drop my iPod and watch it shoot toward the back wall. I will not fall off the treadmill. I will not pass out when I exit the sauna. I will not pass out when I enter the sauna. I will do my best just to not pass out.

I will begin to take better care of the body that I was entrusted with so that I can have a longer, healthier, happier life to spend with my wonderful and beautiful wife and my children (when I have some :) ).

I will not take being able to scratch my head, put on my shirt without rything in pain, being able to point, hold my arms out straight, put my shoes on, or pick my nose (hey it happens...don't act like you don't ever do it. Everyone has seen you at some point driving down the road picking your nose and rocking out to some sweet dance tunes) for granted.

There are a lot of other silly things I could type but I'm too sore to type them. And yes, I am complaining like a little girl so you don't have to tell me.


  1. Good for you! I understand. Since we've been staying at my mom's house, I've been up early (early for me, not for you!) to take care of the chickens and the gardens. Sad to say, I've been sore the entire week from being outside, feeding and watering chickens and tending to the gardens. How embarassing! I started up my yoga again and even that's making me sore. Grrr...but we shall prevail! I do NOT want to be 123 and look or act like an old woman :)

  2. For reals! well right now i look like a t-res walking around because i can't extend my arms....hahah how are the chickens and gardens?

  3. Chickens and gardens are good. More work than I imagined, but I'm ready to be super busy with my own. *sigh*. HA! A t-rex :) Should I warn Hannah to put the dogs up so you don't chase them down for a snack :)